European Telemedicine Conference 2014
Health Technology and Telemedicine Competition for Young Innovators 2014

The HTComp for Young Innovators, an international contest for young entrepreneurs and start-up firms focusing on new innovative ideas in the field of health IT and telemedicine, took place on October 7th during the European Telemedicine Conference.

The technical and scientific committee, coordinated by Laura Raimondo, Senior Vice President UPMC International.

The committee selected three finalist projects: first place,Eir” from Denmark; second place,Hispanis Health” from Spain; third place SmartCare” from Italy.

The Danish group came up with a product named Eir, which is a ball that the user can squeeze to measure the strength of his/her grip. The data information can be sent via Bluetooth to a mobile application or to local doctors. It is similar to dynamometer, but it is implemented with a new technology, which gives the user a much specific information and overview about their potentials nerves and muscle problems.

The Spanish group developed a system that patients can use to communicate with local health care facilities. The aim is to create an affordable and very easy to use system for remote patient monitoring in order to decrease the costs associated with the treatment of patients with chronic conditions through the deployment of new care workflows based on the patients staying at home.

The Italian group developed a mobile application through which patients can manage their medical examination appointments and medication alerts at every healthcare institute where they are in treatment. This application aims to assist patients of every healthcare institute anywhere in the world during its period of treatment.

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